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We are glad that you are interested in joining us in worship! Please use the list below to find most information about Sunday Morning worship. If you need additional assistance or have more questions contact us by clicking the link below.

Worship Times

We worship in our Sanctuary Sunday mornings at 9:00am.  We also offer a live broadcast of Sunday worship here.

Our Location

We are located next to Governor Mifflin High School, on the corner of South Waverly and South Brobst Streets in Shillington.



We have an off-street parking lot on the North and West sides of our Sanctuary, with entrances to the church off both Waverly Street (facing the high school) and off Brobst Street (across from the large empty grass lot). There is also ample street parking on both South Waverly and South Brobst Streets. If both the parking lot and street parking are full, you may park on the large grassy lot on the South side of the Sanctuary (enter at the corner of Waverly and South Brobst Streets).

What to Wear

Dress as who you are and in what you feel comfortable. Because our members come from all walks of life, you will see everything from blue jeans to suits. God cares more about the state of your heart and spirit than what you are wearing.

Length of Worship

Our worship service typically lasts one hour. Many people like to visit with others in the congregation, so feel free to arrive early or stay late!

Typical Worship Service

Our services are blended, honoring tradition in new, contemporary ways.  You can expect to experience God’s presence through music, silence, scripture, reflection, prayer and interaction with others.


All are welcome at God’s table, regardless of church membership or belief. Read more about the sacrament of Communion.

Children in Worship

 We welcome children in worship with us! Each Sunday, we have a Children’s Moment, where children of all ages are welcome up to the front of the Sanctuary for a relative age-appropriate lesson. There is a children’s activity center located at the back of the sanctuary where bookes, coloring pages, and small toys can be found.  These can be used in this space or in the pews during worship.


While we pass an offering plate at every service, we believe the offering is a voluntary act of stewardship, in gratitude for the gifts that God has given us. What anyone gives or does not give is a personal decision and not a duty or requirement. If you do choose to give a gift, you can be assured it will be used to share God’s work.

Other Sunday Morning Connections

At Immanuel, we offer much more than a worship service on Sunday Mornings. Immediately following our 9:00am worship service, join us in fellowship hall for a café fellowship hour. Then, at 10:15am, our education hour begins, where we have age-appropriate opportunities for you to deepen your commitment to God through spiritual growth and education in fellowship with other believers.  Education and Fellowship Hour runs September through May.

Children: Faith Formation

Youth (Grades 9-12): RISE

Adults: Adult Seminar

A Typical Worship Service

  • Welcome & Call to Worship

  • Hymns: We welcome and encourage you to join in musical worship and celebration, but singing during worship is not required.

  • Confessions – Call to Confession – Silent Prayer of Confession – Assurance of Forgiveness

  • Children’s Chat: Children’s Message

  • Historical Witness of Faith: Scripture Readings

  • Sunday Message

  • Prayers – Prayers of the People – Lord’s Prayer


  • Offering

  • Communion (offered about once a month)

  • Sharing the Peace: Greeting those around us.

If you have questions, please see our frequently asked questions page.

A Typical Worship Service

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